Platform as a Service

Sogma Platform capabilities allow organizations and developers to create powerful applications and mashups quickly and easily, entirely on-demand and without software. Simple yet powerful tools give user the ability to create and enforce application rules.

Sogma offers a set of tools for building applications including the ability to create custom functions, fields, buttons, formulas and rules within any given object or create entire new workspaces and objects. All on top of the Sogma API and the Sogma Framework for programmatic access and integration with other applications.

Here are some benefits of the Sogma Platform:

Reduced Costs “ Because you can reduce up-front and maintenance costs. You can develop and manage all your projects and resources, from anywhere, anytime “ all in one place. Optimizing resource utilization across your entire organization.

Higher Quality “ Because you can quickly deploy reliable and robust applications with no entry cost. Increasing application accessibility and improving security with no added IT infrastructure.

Faster Turnaround “ Because you customize your applications on top of our platform, instead of building it from the ground up. Delivering mission-critical applications in days, not months. This ensures your projects will be completed in record time.

All this makes Sogma the most cost-effective integration and application platform available for building new, custom applications and integrating your existing applications and infrastructure.